These are the frequently asked questions for the iPhone App "My365." Before inquiring about a question, please look here first.

Frequently asked questions.

"The user name is already in use" is displayed and don't register

1) Tap "Login"
2) Enter your username and password that you tried to enter Sign up form
3) Tap the top-right button "Login"

You can't log in because you forgot your password

1) Tap Forget Password? under the login form
2) Enter username and E-mail address

3) Choose one of "the user has registered with e-mail", "the user has registered with Twitter", or "the user has registered with Facebook".
(It is possible to reset the password only who has registered with email address, Twitter, or Facebook because of security reasons.)

4) You receive a password reset e-mail
5) Within 24 hours, access the URL in the mail
6) Enter a new password, then tap the reset button
7) On the login page, enter your login username and new password

"Block" users following you

1) Go to user's calendar page you want to block
2) Tap the button ・・・
3) Tap "block this user"
Complete block the user. The blocked users can't see your photos.

Don't want to display photos to the public, only to your friends

1)Tap the top-right button "Edit" on your calendar
2) Tap "Edit account"
3) Turn "Photos are private" on
4) Tap the top-right button "Edit"
Then users will need your permission to follow you. Only approved users can see your pictures.

Can't upload a photo

1) Please check the signal. Places with a bad signal won't upload photos.
2) If the signal is good and you still can't upload、please restart the application.

■How to restart the application

2) At the home screen of the iPhone、push the home button twice
3) Hold My365 icon
4) Tap the "−" button
5) Push the home button twice、tap My365 icon, and the application should finish restart.

Calendar doesn't display photos

1) Tap the button at the bottom that isn't "calendar"
2) Tap the calendar
Then calendar is reloaded and your photos should display.
※Photos won't display in an area with a weak signal

No matter what you press it freezes

Please restart the application.

Want to use filters

You can use filter if you tap "brush" button

Want to delete photos or change titles

Tap "gear" icon on the bottom of the photo and delete pictures or change titles.

Upload old day's photo to the calendar

Tap the desired day on your calendar, and then post a photo.

Link with Twitter or Facebook (otherwise removal)

Tap the Twitter or Facebook icon at the bottom of the upload photo page
Then your photo will bo posted on Twitter or Facebook.

Want to change the username

1) Tap "Edit" on the top-right of your calendar page
2) Tap "Edit account"
3) Enter the new username
4) Tap "Edit" on the bottom right

Withdrawal, delete account

1) Go to My365 website ( and tap login at the bottom of the page
2) Enter user name and password
3) Tap withdrawal
4) Enter your password, tap send
And account information is deleted along with all photos that were submitted.


For frequently asked questions that you don't understand, or if you have any questions not listed here, please contact Thank you.