"My365" is a photo app which enables you to take the loving moment, as a photo, and to place it onto a calendar to share.

STEP1 Leave your precious moments with My365

Post today's photo.

1)Tap the Camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

2)Take a photo.
 Top left・・・Light OFF/ON/AUTO
 Top right・・・Front/back camera
 Bottom right・・・Choose a photo from camera roll

3)Enter a title
4)Make your moments more beautiful with filters.
 Tap filter icon.
 Select a filter and tap button.
5)Link with Twitter or Facebook.
 Tap Twitter or Facebook icon at the bottom.
6)Comment on your photo.
 Tap "Comment" icon at the bottom right.
 Enter a comment and tap "Back" button.
7)Tap "Post" button.

Upload old day's pictures to the calendar.

1)Tap the day you want to put photo on your calendar.
2)Choose a photo from your camera roll.
 In the same way mentioned above.

STEP2 Interact with friends.

Follow friends.

1)Tap "Edit" button at the top-right on your calendar.
2)Tap "Find Friends" button.
3)Enter username and search friends.
4)Find friends on Twitter or Facebook.
 Tap Twitter or Facebook icon.
5)Follow friends.
 You can follow all displayed user if you tap "Follow All" button.
 Then you can see friend's photo on your feed.

See friend's photo on your feed.

Give likes and comments if you find good photo.

Invite friends.

Invite friends have not started My365 from Twitter. Click here

STEP3 Meet people never met.

Find lovely photo & user on "Intersting".

1)Tap a photo.
2)Tap a username and look at user's calender.


Please look over FAQ because it also mention how to use My365.